aquabar easy touch

Aquabar Easy 80 Touch-Free Mains-fed Water Cooler

Robust and functional unit with a powerful dispensing performance

  • Ideal for self-service areas, cafés & canteens
  • Practical, yet highly-functional design
  • Reliable dispensing performance & ease of use
  • Hygienic touch-free controls
Options d'eau:
Non pétillant Ambiant
Froid Plate Pétillant
  • Devis gratuit et sans engagement
  • Acheter ou louer – à vous de choisir
  • Livraison programmée de bouteilles d’eau

Deliver pure, exceptional-tasting water using
the Aquabar Easy water dispenser

aquabar easy touch

Sustainable and dependable

Made for busy hospitality environments
Catering to establishments with a high demand for water, and the need for reliable performance.
Environmental benefits
Reduces the reliance on single-use plastic bottles whilst providing a robust hydration solution.
Eco-friendly technology
The Aquabar Easy uses R290, a naturally occurring refrigerant gas with low GWP (Global Warming potential).
High-quality water, lower carbon impact
Deliver high-quality water and reduce your carbon footprint with premium on-site filtered dispensing.

Practical features & great performance

Hygienic and convenient
This touch-free model uses waterproof infrared sensors, ensuring a more sanitary and user-friendly experience.
Tall dispensing area
With a dispensing height of 29.7 cm, the Aquabar Easy makes it easy to refill bottles.
High-quality materials
Crafted from premium materials, the Aquabar Easy is built to thrive in bustling hospitality and workplace settings.
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aquabar easy touch

Refreshing water, all day, everyday


Quench your thirst anytime

Stay refreshed with our mains-fed water dispensers, ensuring a constant supply of fresh, filtered water for your employees, guests, and customers.


Tailored hydration choices

Stay refreshed and hydrated with our water dispenser, which provides a variety of water types to suit your preferences.


Enhanced focus, increased energy

Stay focused and energised. Drinking enough water boosts productivity and sustains energy levels throughout the day.

Interested in enjoying better water?

Contact our expert team to find out more about the Aquabar Easy 80 Touch-Free cooler.


Aquabar Easy 80 Touch-Free, at a glance

428 mm
1440 mm
42 Kg (net) | 48 Kg (gross)
479 mm
CA: Froid Plate Pétillant & Non pétillant Ambiant
230 V - 50 Hz
aquabar easy touch
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Culligan à votre service

Nos techniciens sont parfaitement formés à l'installation de toutes nos solutions d'eau potable. Ils sont aimables et efficaces et sont heureux de venir à l'heure qui vous convient.
Une fois votre solution installée, nous continuons à vous aider avec des services adaptés à vos besoins. De l'inspection des systèmes de filtration à la réparation des distributeurs, nos experts Culligan Water s'en chargent!
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  • Distinctive, élégante et inspirée par la nature
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